Gay Like Girl

Now is turn for site to be reviewed. So, let’s see that we get inside it.
Once you login, you’ll see this page – short list of bonuses and navigation bar at left.

The next part I’m checking is Video area. There are thumbs of episodes, per 3 at page and link to next page.

I’m click on first episode, and get same page. There are list of short parts, avaliable for online streaming view or downloading on hard drive.

Also, I’ve find lots episodes with theesome orgies. Thats hot! Watch sample below.

For example, this is online stream of GayLikeGirls’s episode.

The next area I’m going is photos. As on the video area, there are short list with thumbs, and llink to next page.

By clicking on thumb, you’ll get list with small pics of whole set for online watching. Downloading all photos as one zipped archive is avaliable.

On is avaliable Updates function – that you’ll see the next time. That’s sweet.

Membership for gives you acces to several sites also:, Big Dick, Punished, Drunken, Dranken

I have to say, the site is not bad. The one sadlt thing – there are not a lots of videos and photos, that’s true. I’ll think, the memberzone of such site is larger. And bi-weekly updates are too long too. But the quality of content is good. Gays and their girls are love that they do and love fuck beside of camera. And this get me (and you) rock! Also, access for other sites increase content quantity, and thats cool. Try out this site, I hope you’ll like it.

Site info

Price: 29.95$/for 30 days
Content: videos, photos
Video: 15 videos per 15-30 min each
Photo: 16 sets, 60-70 pics per set
Bonus: access to, Big Dick, Punished, Drunken, Dranken

My rating: content quality – 4 (of 5); memberzone size – 3 (of 5); member zone navigation – 4 (of 5); member features – 4 (of 5); Total rating – 3.8
Review date 12/18/2010


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